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We went to check out some new movies over the weekend. One of those movies was Jamie Foxx’s new action movie Sleepless. The film looked promising, until the previews ended.

Where do I begin? Jamie Foxx finally gets a lead role in an action movie! The minute I found out about this movie I was so excited. Foxx is one of my favorite actors, and I thought that he would translate extremely well in a lead action/hero role. In fact, Foxx plays his role great in Sleepless. The entire main cast actually did a fantastic job, where this movie lacks is in the script, set design and scene setup.

The movie seems like a pieced together story that you would come up with in film school about a kidnapper taking a cops son ransom. Lack of depth in the backstory also did not help the case here for Sleepless. Without giving too much away(this will be hard because there seriously is not much to the story), Jamie Foxx is a seemingly dirty cop who crosses the wrong group of bad guys with his partner — and also partner-in-crime — which then turns into his son getting taken in exchange for the drugs he stole.

Foxx then heads into the casino…Oh yeah, the film is set in Vegas, but they must have run out of budget, because they only showed aerial views of the Vegas strip with a fake Casino called the Luxus digitally imposed into the middle of other real resorts. Anywho, Foxx heads into the Casino and the action essentially takes place in one rather isolated area of said Casino. If you have ever been to Vegas, you know that any of the Casinos on the strip are much larger than one gambling area. From there we have a number of the typical things happen and I don’t wanna give away the rest, but just don’t go see this movie until it’s out on Netflix or something. It was just really bad. They totally set Jamie up with this one.

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