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Back in July, we produced a charity event to raise shoes, socks and money for local foster kids. We want to thank everyone again for coming out for the Best Foot Forward charity event, and we couldn’t be happier for the amount of contributions we received on behalf of Treehouse for Kids. In total, we were able to raise over 100 pairs of shoes, over 200 pairs of socks and over $1000 for youth initiatives.


A special thanks goes out to the artists involved in creating custom pieces that we will be giving away for auction soon. Stay tuned for more details on that in the coming days. Thank you again to everyone who contributed. From the volunteers, to the attendees, and of course everyone who helped get the word out. We’re looking forward to putting our best foot forward again for next year’s event.

We’re also auctioning off art that was created for Best Foot Forward at 32Auctions. >><<


Leo Shallat

A. Codd

Christopher Coleman

Taye Edwards

Civik One

8th Day Create



Jane and the Shoe




for art auction, visit

for more photos, visit Craving Amazing on Facebook.

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