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The country of Bali has long been viewed as a beautiful escape. An oasis of sorts, with lush palm trees, endless beaches and clear blue ocean as far as you could see. The reality is that due to climate change, pollution, overconsumption, and other expanding factors, it has become worse for the wear there in the island country. 

A Bali based company called Avani has come up with a line of fully biodegradable food products, including takeaway containers, cutlery, straws, and coffee cups, as well as grocery bags and rain ponchos; More than one million plastic bags are used worldwide each minute and these require hundreds of years to break down, which really means just breaking up into miniscule pieces that will eventually be eaten by animals. In fact, an estimated one million animals die each year from eating plastic bags.

Avani’s bags are made from cassava root starch and other natural resins. They biodegrade fully within 3 to 6 months, depending on soil conditions, converting naturally into carbon dioxide and biomass, with no toxic residue. This process can be hurried by dissolving in hot water, softening in cold water, or burning into a trace amount of ash.  

The real kicker is they’re safe for animals and insects to eat, and even have a delicious flavor to them. The bags are even safe for humans to drink. Isn’t that wild? Check out a video from Avani below with more details.

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