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It’s been a little over 2 weeks since Bird Box was released on Netflix to commercial and critical acclaim. Sandra Bullock has blossomed into a beautiful top-trending meme from the major success and attention the movie is getting (lol). Seriously though, Bird Box has taken the world by storm, and I truly think this is a sign that the streaming service, along with other streaming competition, is setting up a big shift away from movie theaters. Not only have big films been tanking more and more lately, but accessibility is becoming more dicey for big movie theaters. People tend to stay home more often these days than ever before, and the more Netflix releases big time films with big time cast members it’s going to pull even more draw away from going to the movies.


The numbers aren’t in for 2018 yet, but 2017 was the lowest selling year for movie tickets in 25 years. Considering what Netflix has done with original shows like Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and others, its only a matter of time until more movies like Bright and Bird Box start to take shape on the streaming platform. 2019 Netflix has a very full schedule already, with more things that have yet to be announced surely. Also, in the final few days of 2018 Black Mirror: Bandersnatch released with an entirely new concept: Choose Your Own Adventure Viewing Experience.

Sandra Bullock stars in Bird Box, a new full-length feature exclusively on Netflix.


Not only are titles like Bandersnatch making huge waves in the modern movie community, but some of the other Netflix originals are also receiving a ton of praise for putting women and people of color at the helm both in front of the camera and behind it. Bird Box is the latest example of films with women in the director’s seat and as lead role. The new season of Stranger Things launches on the 4th of July, which most likely will be taking a significant amount of attention away from whatever movie decides to release that weekend. It’s only a matter of time until we see a Stranger Things full-length feature.


As streaming continues to expand, and movie theatre ticket prices rise, it might only be a matter of time until everyone decides to pull the plug on the big screen, and tune right in from the comfort of the couch. There’s still something special about hitting a midnight premiere with all of your friends, and IMAX is definitely incredible and unable to be duplicated at home. I guess only time will tell.

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