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“It’s a 3 day weekend!” Time to set up those auto replies. Let your boss know you’re leaving at 3 on Friday. MLK Weekend is the first long weekend of the calendar year, and many see this as the chance to party it up, but the planning around this weekend should actually be much better thought out.

When Dr. King emboldened those 4 words into the hearts and minds of America on that summer afternoon in 1963, I can only imagine the feeling that was going through people’s heads in that very moment. The impact of that speech resonates some 50+ years later, but do we really practice what he preached?

Far more often than not over the past few years, we have seen what can only be deemed essentially as caricatures of the ideals that Dr. King wanted us to strive for. Whether it be club flyers with a photoshopped head and face of Dr. King on some dude in a James Bond tux with a bottle of Dom Perignon, or some funny meme about it being tax season and the frivolous spending that is to commence during MLK Weekend and shortly after when “those checks” come in, there is just way too much dismissal of the culture in relation to Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend.

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