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I came across a new project on the internet this weekend. I recently got back into digging through the Soundcloud ocean of tracks, and I happened again upon Lil West. We’ve been privy to quite a few artists lately that will mesh a sort of punk rock persona with slick raps and even elements of R&B/Autotune crooning. Lil West might be the most completely perfect combination of such efforts that I’ve ever heard thus far. In fact, everyone else might feel the same in a few months here. He released his first EP this weekend called properly titled Vex Part 1Lil West goes in on the ills of falling in and out of love and the struggles of knowing you’re the man while everyone else may still want to test that bravado.

Visit Lil West on Soundcloud now to hear the entire Vex Part 1 EP.


Beyond this project, Lil West is amassing quite the catalog, with little to no collaborations and no direct co-sign from some big name in the game. That alone is sign enough that he’s got some serious talent. The 20 year-old from Delaware is gonna have the world on notice real soon. He and his nomad music group picked the right name, because I have a feeling they’re gonna be doing a whole lot of traveling real soon.


Vex Part 1 is a perfect 7 songs, and it plays through front to back in superb order. Go listen now and let us know what you think.

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