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Sofi Tukker came into our lives after hearing their record “Jonny” on the FIFA 17 soundtrack. The duo, of course being, Sophie and Tucker have consistently been releasing memorable music since their inception. We recently were able to catch them on their Treehouse World Tour, and it most certainly lived up to the hype that has placed their songs in not one, but 2 iPhone commercials AND 2 FIFA editions.

all photos by Estelle Skogstad-Kurk for Craving Amazing.

As soon as the duo hit the stage we immediately knew we were in for some magic. Sofi Tukker shows take shape with an unmatched fever pitch right out of the gate. The band interacts with their crowd in a number of really cool ways, including letting fans come on stage to dance with them, the occasional crowd surf, and of course a hefty helping of sing along moments, due to their infectious tunes.

This was one of the most visually stunning and pleasing shows we’ve seen this year, or maybe even ever, with their well-balanced mix of nature meets digital themed elements throughout their stage production. This is one of those shows that you absolutely cannot miss when Sofi Tukker comes to your town next.


You can hear¬†SOFI TUKKER on our upcoming ‘Summer Buzz’ playlist, available soon via Spotify.

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