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Something’s up. We all heard the news of Kanye deciding that he isn’t going to perform at this year’s Coachella due to disagreements with the stage. While that of course is a huge disappointment, it just seems a little too convenient for me to believe at this moment. Given that this year is the 20 year anniversary of what is most likely the biggest and most anticipated music festival in the world, and there seems thus far to be no promotion about that milestone seems fishy. Could it be that Coachella has a big trick up their sleeve and they plan on surprising everyone with a secret performance?


Kanye West on The ‘Life of Pablo’ Tour.


We have seen things like this before at music events, but something on this scale is not only unprecedented, it would also keep the momentum going for years to come on what has been a dicey year for music festivals. We’ve seen a number of large scale festivals go belly up in the past few years. Not to say that it requires something crazy to keep things afloat(good business practices will do that), but it just seems odd that they aren’t emphasizing the 20 year anniversary at all. Stay tuned, something is going to happen for sure…we hope, lol.

In the mean time, check out this year’s lineup, there are some amazing acts confirmed already, and this is probably one of my favorite lineups to date. Craving Amazing will be there this year for weekend 1 festivities. Tickets go on sale again on Friday at 11am PST. Be sure to grab yours if you haven’t yet from Coachella’s site.

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