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Super Bowl 51 is less than a month away. Like every season, fans across the globe will bet on their favorite —typically their respective “home team”— to win it all that season. This year, not very many thought it would be the Atlanta Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons will be heading to their 2nd Super Bowl appearance in the franchise’s history. Because of this inconsistency, although Atlanta has historically been a rather popular team, the Falcons weren’t regarded as a Super Bowl favorite going into the season. The only team that had lower expectation amongst fans and bettors was the Tennessee Titans.

Even the Jaguars and Browns were thought to have a higher probability of winning the big game. Despite the fact that Atlanta scored the most points of any team during the regular season this year, the New England Patriots, who have seemingly lived in the Super Bowl over the past decade, are still 3-point favorites in Super Bowl 51. So who do you have???

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