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In a world where singularity is seemingly closer and closer by the minute, it’s a time where we an either choose to embrace the bond between the human experience and technology, or watch from the sides as the inevitable cohesion of user and experience happens. AT&T has thankfully chosen to embrace this love affair, and they’ve now introduced to the world a great step in the right direction with their cutting edge new concept store The Lounge in Seattle, WA.

They’ve teamed up with the incredible Seattle-based coffee commonwealth Ada’s Books to create a space that blends expertly between user-functionality, productivity hub, and consumer haven. As part of Ada’s Discovery Cafe within The Lounge, US Barista Champion Cole McBride will lead the charge to create a unique and intoxicating cafe atmosphere for all that visit.


The Lounge is open to the public, and if you’re in Seattle we highly encourage you to go visit. We had the pleasure of experiencing a special sneak peek and everything about the space is perfect for a productive day of remote work, or a casual afternoon with some time to spare.

Kyotobot brewing system

From AT&T

The Lounge – debuting here in the heart of Capitol Hill (802 E Thomas Street). This locally-inspired space is part retail store, part coffeehouse, part co-working space and part learning center, and AT&T is working with the local coffee gurus at Ada’s Technical Books and Café, creating a dynamic partnership between a major enterprise and a local small business. With a huge focus on tapping into the vibe of Capitol Hill and creating a genuine space for the community to gather organically or through its list of various community events. The Lounge has an area where folks can compete in eSports, listen to acoustic sets from local musicians, learn how to paint from a local artist, or try out the newest VR/AR gadgets. It will also be equipped with super-fast WiFi so people can get their work done efficiently or they can just hang out, drinking coffee and streaming their favorite content. AT&T will also debut new technology at The Lounge that’s not currently used in any of their other stores.

Our personal favorite, a fresh cup from the Siphonbot, a one-of-a-kind brewing system created for and by Ada’s Discovery Cafe.


All photos courtesy of AT&T. To see more from The Lounge, visit our Instagram.

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