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Motiv is in the business of providing style and support with this sleek activity ring.

Everyone is looking for better and also smaller ways to be more connected and in tune with their bodies. Fitness is always important, and the easier it is to keep up with your own routine, the more efficient you can be. Motiv has provided you with another step toward getting that edge. Their new activity ring introduces a new level on functionality, that also helps you to remain as stylish as ever.

Available currently for pre-order, the Motiv ring comes in two color options, rose gold and slate gray, both complimenting an ultra-light titanium design. Along with being waterproof, the Motiv ring is available in 7 sizes, charges in under 90 minutes, and holds a charge for more than 5 days in one cycle.

For more details on the Motiv ring, visit their official site.

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